and yet again…

Today has been a frustrating day for me. I’m getting work done but I am noticing how excluded my existence has been until I am needed. Then I am included. This long and sordid story goes back to 2008. Maybe even earlier. But this is not the time for discussion. What this post is about is being upset-free. Last night I attended number 5 of 10 sessions of a breakthrough seminar. These sessions constitute what a breakdown/breakthrough is and how to recognize each one. Then in turn recognizing the breakdown and the immediate result being a breakthrough.

The distinction for last night was being upset-free. The definition being recognizing the upset, letting the upset go. Giving permission to let it go. I was upset about what I was watching today. I chose to be upset-free and let my upset go. I know it sounds hokey here but in reality, an upset is an allowance of negativity. …oy… I got distracted while writing this bit and totally forgot my tangent.


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  1. jon singer Verbal Spewage:

    your learning is impressive

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