Piss the Bliss

Holy wedding action this weekend.  Saturday night was the first of summer weddings and then Sunday was massive Body Blitz hangover and bachelorette goodness.  I really wish I was in the right frame of mind to focus on all the loveliness though.  Perhaps another day this week.

Right now I am in the middle of an upset and am choosing to NOT to be upset.  So I have also chosen to continue finding ways to get my project done.  Tonight at midnight is the deadline.  Gratefully, having chosen to be calm and rational, new ideas are coming to me and I’m not cranky and snapping at everyone.  This is a nice change, I am sure, to the teenage spawn.

At this moment, I have lived up to my commitment to you devoted readers by posting by midnight Monday.  I am sure I will write more but for now, I must feed a girl spawn and get some video uploaded.

Peace out, yo…you are loved!

2 Responses to “Piss the Bliss”

  1. jon singer Verbal Spewage:

    i am your friend, just say hi, ok?

  2. jon singer Verbal Spewage:

    you are an incredible being

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