remarkably distracted

THere’s a fly on my wall.  Well, not my wall but my monitor.  It watched everything I write today.  Even that little fucking centipede I trapped under the glass in my sink.  Even it knows.

I did something stupid today.  Again.  Ya know, when you only have two feet, you’d think I would keep my mouth shut.  Nope.  Once again, it all comes spewing out.  I could logically blame PMS but that would be so blasé.  In reality, it’s my deep desire to do the right thing.  To emote all the shit inside my head that I refuse to talk about or think I’m obsessing over.

Nothing more needs to be said.  The crow eats at night.

One Response to “remarkably distracted”

  1. jon singer Verbal Spewage:

    you’re sweet + cool :o)

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