When I’m not doing something with passion, I become complacent and bored.  My self-worth depletes which turns into co-dependence.  I start seeking and sabotaging.  A part of my whole fractures which I then expect other people to do the mending; to validate my existence or place here. I spent the better part of the morning sitting in front of the mirror, studying my eyes.  The windows to my soul.  I cried.  I wrote.  I accepted.  A change happens when one takes on the fear.  To embrace it and shake it out.

The past 10 days have been a challenge.  Finding a semblance of contentment within the chaos is a skill I forget to use.  The Tao Te Ching says to use the empty space that we create within a confine.  We are the middle of the wheel, that which turns the whole.  When our spokes break, we need to repair them immediately or the wheel weakens.  Same is true in life, when we don’t clean up those issues that hover in our empty space, they create conflict and weaken our spirits.  So it is in this post I leave behind the issues of others that I take on, the issues and demands I put on others.  It is here that I make a commitment to stand proudly as me and show my strength to the person in the mirror.

It’s time to do cartwheels in the park.  Even if I’m cold.

You are love.

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