I was born this way

I have to admit that even though I have been physically under the weather, my week has been remarkable.  Taking this SELP class through Landmark Education has really opened up where my leadership and commitment lives in me.  The SELP program is about developing a project within a community I am a part of.  For example, creating a wellness day for youth in the Crescent Town community to learn and develop body+beauty+mind.  In Crescent Town, East York Toronto, we have a large community of new-comer youth.  The idea is to agglomerate the youth to experience what it means to be healthy; physically, mentally and emotionally.  To teach the importance of power and leadership within each person by way of taking part in their own lives.

How we will do this is by workshopping body+beauty through fresh food skin care, deep breathing and yoga, new hair styles, healthy eating choices and more.  Body+beauty+mind will incorporate personal and sexual relationships and what those each mean.

At the end of each session, each youth willhave an opportunity to create a video blog of their experience to take home, post on their facebook, tumblr or just to keep for themselves.  We want the youth to have a reminder of what it feels like when they find new community and themselves.

By taking this course myself, I have realized that potential everyone saw in me.  The potential I thought was bullshit and didn’t exist.  In reality, it was me telling myself I wasn’t good enough.  Now I see the opposite to be true.  That my contribution to people’s lives really does make a difference.  The choices I make have a butterfly effect so why wouldn’t I want that to be a positive commitment?  I have created the possibility of commitment, fun, love and joy in my life and that embodies commitment, fun, love and joy within my heart.

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