My landslide

I am a GLEE fan. It’s true, it is my guilty pleasure and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Last week Santana, Holly (Gwyneth Paltrow) and Brittany sang Landslide. As I sang along, I started crying. Not just little tears, big heaving sobs. Guess I needed a little cry. But it got me thinking about why. I asked myself “Why am I crying like this? What is it about the song that is so emotive?” It didn’t take me long to figure out that my life has been that climb up the mountain. Whether it is love, kids or work that upward battle has always been just that; a battle.    Can I handle the seasons of my life?  I climbed a mountain then I turned around.  I saw my reflection and knew I needed to come down.  So I did.  That’s when I chose vanilla.  Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles, gummi bears, skor bits and a cherry right on top.  The way I see it, my life is decorated with experience, love and support.  Sometimes I get arrogant, self-righteous and full of myself and I’m okay with that.  I eat my gummi bears one bear at a time.

I love that this video is old and scratchy.  It is perfect.

2 Responses to “My landslide”

  1. Mom St.Clair Verbal Spewage:

    Oh my pretty girl…I swear sometimes you and I are truly kindred spirits!!! I cried like a baby the other night watching Glee! I am a die hard fan of the beautiful Stevie, and her original will always be my favorite, but the girls did a wonderful job.
    Trust me sweet girl…you CAN handle the seasons…some are just colder than others! I love you pretty girl, and always will!!!

  2. wren Verbal Spewage:

    I know momma :o) it’s no wonder we were always so close. Life is okay though so don’t you worry, this chick hasn’t flown the coop. But there are times when I wonder if the fumes aren’t gettin’ to the eggs making them bad.

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