I am considering actually using this place as a conduit for my moving forward, love of cooking and book reviews.  I haven’t really done much of anything here in months and I think it’s high time to make some changes.  So, every Monday I will explore with you the shopping and cooking adventures of the weekend.  Wednesdays will be review days – mostly books perhaps other types of reviews.  Fridays will be a top up from the previous week and dog day details on the growing wonder of our puppy Bilbur (aka Bill buried the ax hole or other clever quips I come up with).

Over time you will notice that we will be changing the format of the site – it’s time for a ten-second tidy.  My very own Mandrea – aka Andrea, will be performing the updates.  Techie is not my middle name.  Also, a laptop has been generously donated by the Little Geeks Foundation, where I do some volunteer work, so’s I can get mah blog on ;o) … among other things.

Since today is Sunday, I will not be posting anything life changing or deeply introspective, just a lil ‘cheesy’ fun thought about what’s for dinner … Squash the Cheese!  Melt the Peas!  Beat those eggs and brew those teas!  RAH RAH SIS BOOM BAH!

ok not so clever…. 😀

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