The smell of rain rose with the sun, blowing through my window on the pink rays of morning. The clouds roll over the edge of the world, hiding the dawn sun. My breath mixes with the wet breeze as my eyes drift  from laden dreams. Warm, hypnotic nakedness swoons beneath the sheets as the rogue wind whispers its desire. Tender flesh swells beneath my sexed fingers, reviving a morning smile.

Tender lips purse together dry and thirsty. The want of wet flesh yearning for your ubiquity.

Norfolk donor meets stranger whose life she saved | |

Christy is a friend from high school.  A remarkable and unforgettable woman…please read:

Norfolk donor meets stranger whose life she saved | |

lemon chicken, hangovers and *insert something clever here*

dream a little dream of me

When I was a child I experienced a few recurring dreams. All three were so different from each other that I wonder at times if I was inhaled to a past life.

One dream in particular was disturbing. There were a gaggle of children adorned in drab grey uniforms (myself included) being escorted from school to a bus. Clearly, we were going on a field trip. The bus takes us to a tall white building. Not a skyscraper, more the height of an old oak tree.

We were then corralled up a flight of stairs as we waited entry. Once the door opened, our adolescent assembly line continued climbing around the interior perimeter of the building. It was hot. Fires were burning white deep in the earth below us. Up ahead, I could see a square platform where a uniformed guard stood watch.

As I climbed closer I saw. The children were falling. Why are they falling, I asked myself? The heat was overwhelming and I tried to stand closer to the wall. As I watched these children cascade from the platform, I realized they had no expressions. No fear, no sound. The only cacophony was from the hungry fire we hovered.

That was when I got it. We climbed, we trailed and we fell. Emotionless, fearless death.

untitled mess (drafted early 2010)

The panic grips my chest, shaking me into reality. But I’m paralyzed. Instead, I shallow breathe. I plunk myself farther and farther away, the distance disturbingly comforting. Take it all away, my mind says deep inside me. Take it all away. Depression, repression, impression, compression, oppression. I think I need some sunshine.

No more today. No more tomorrow. Just no more. If that darkness took over when I closed my eyes, you wouldn’t be here with me anymore.