::poetry of her…

truly unfinished

Desolate fields with painted skies
she runs through the valley unseen.
Her beacon trails and flirts with the forest
to taunt that which sleeps.
Waken to a story the breathless wind speaks
the whisper of the settled sun…


a kiss is a diamond. unrefined, unpolished, imperfect.
a kiss is a star. eternal, present, silver.
my kiss is my soul. ethereal, sensual, reborn.

nervous breathy lips
pounded, beaten, nervous lips
touching the corner of your mouth

soft milky lips
soft milky lips

soft Milky lips
soft Milky lips

my breath dances
searching, wanting, needing
fingers find your face
your skin
your heat
your wet

tears blend our lips
our tongues salty;
like snowflakes
we catch each others tears.

tender touch
lips inhale
your skin
my drug
our passion

my arms wrap you
my gift
our bow
fingers lost inside your hair
pull you closer
hover your ocean


She is the Avalon, the mist,
the dream. A land gone past, a memoir
a light. Her choice clear, mistaken learned
Born of dark mysterious night.

This garden so young, so virginal,
so pure. Her petals tattered, forbidden
askew. Lost is the path she once grew along
Her sun sleeping, superior and new.

She held her stem, her life,
her spirit. Crawling, searching, loving
living. The mistakes left past, cut the chain
Finding her breath final forgiving.


she’s amused
a muse
a belle
a ball
lonely muse
she lies alone
not amused
she is used
her laugh
her eyes
her surprise
her muse
she used
a muse not merry
not marry
not Mary
eyes cries
behold her, muse
no pillar
she’s a muse
a fuse
to light