yellow daisy mantle love

I can’t say this day has been particularly great but it hasn’t been horrible either.  Most of the time I tried to write but all this negativity came out.  Complaining about this or bitching about that.  Not my usual style.  Work wasn’t flowing, the weather is beautiful and rainy and moody.  Perhaps that is all it takes to get me too inside my head.  Perhaps I need to disengage for a while.  Hard to say really because so often there is a pull for connection concocted with adversity. So what came out of that conundrum was watching CocoRosie on YouTube.  What I stumbled upon was this lovely documentary directed by David Kleijwegt called The Eternal Children.  This film highlights the reality of this generations hippie movement.  But in a light not much different from that of the 60’s. You see people who love freely, without judgment or expectation.  feel free energy, souls who absorb innocence and create a vibration that envelops you.  They sustain life and love at a rudimentary and childlike level.  Lovely and divination to what constitutes in ‘normal’ peoples eyes as pathetic and lowly.  I myself have been deemed a hippiemama more than once in my day but I don’t think it is entirely true.  Too many pieces of me have fractured into trying to be a piece of everything.  Is that fractured or is it diverse?  Deeply I would like to be a part of some kind of community but whether that be something much larger than myself or something micro, that I create has yet to be determined.

At times I miss that person, that pre-sexuality innocence that was full of life.  That protective barrier we had – our safety.  Sierra explains toward the end of the film that her artistic character is so child-like because it hides or takes away the despair of adulthood and responsibility.

There are yellow daisies on my mantle.

please enjoy this next piece called El Camino Real by William Basinski – he describes his music as “amniotic”.  He is right – it takes me away into a little bubble that floats high in my room, watching as words tumble by…