Dream Log –

Friday February 13, 2009

I had a dream with the cats and my housemate. The cats were trying to get into my bedroom but I didn’t want them in here, the sandman had me by the knickers. But Dali was crying so Sean came downstairs to open my bedroom door. I didn’t say anything until Jou-Jou came in chasing a barely born mouse around my room. Normally live mice don’t send me for a loop but this one was hardly born and it ran straight across my chest! Needless to say I swung my door open and carefully tossed them both out. It was at that moment the baby mouse was bagged by Sean and thrown into my face.

“This is what I found Jou-Jou playing with!” he exclaimed.

“Yeah, in my bed while I was sleeping. Goodnight.”

Gently closing my door, I cordially went back to sleep. Five minutes later he and a few of his buddies are in what should be the bathroom but ends up as a poker/scotch room in my dream (note: it is a large enough bathroom to serve as such). I do end up shouting at him from my hallway because he is being daftly inconsiderate re: the kitty situation. Yes, insert screaming banshee…..here. His mates are shaking their heads as if they’ve heard this before, in a manner that he has enraged another woman similarly and often in their presence.

Moving on, I decide to let bygones be just that and say my friendlies to the boys. Knowing they had been up all night playing poker, I start tidying up the place and offer to make some breakfast. As my arm reaches over to grasp a tumbler, Jamie Granek reaches up and tweeks my nipple! Incredulous!! I smacked him, shouted at him and stomped away.

Good Morning Sunshine!